1. What is Cookies?

Cookies are small text archives or fragments of information that stay stored on the computer or other mobile device (like smartphones or tablets) when you enter the websites. Usually, a cookie has the name of their original website, as well as a “lifetime” (in other words, how long the cookie will be active on the device).

In this way we can find other cookies called “Session Cookies” and “Persistent Cookies”, and there are some differences between them. In relation of “Session Cookies”, they are temporary cookies and their lifetime is over when user close or abandon the website. On the other hand, the “Persistent Cookies” have a longer lifetime in relation of “Session Cookies”, being more time on the device until the user delete them by manual ways or depending their lifetime. However, beyond this kind of cookies we can find more yet.

2. Which are the real Cookies functions?

Cookies can have various functions and purposes, it can be only for website functionality and browsing optimization and improving their performance, or can be only for advertising goals, that after they are used for to put some advertisings according your possible user interests. Furthermore, they can be used too for direct marketing goals if they have permission for that.

In our case, we use the cookies for improve the website performance, as well as turn easier and faster the contact with our users and customers, and so we can satisfy their necessities.

3. What kind of cookies we use, and which are their purposes?

According with kind of website where inserts The Ransack Website, we just save the cookies for statistical purposes, and knowing the user visits of our website by Google Analytics, as well as understand where we have greatest people and user’s affluence.

In this way, and with the goal of to give you more information about the cookies issues we present you a table (on the 5th point) provided by Google about of various kinds of existent cookies on the web.

4. Procedures relating to data process.

By other hand, according with the European rules relating to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), all of data provided by users/ customers or acquired by any other stablished contact between them and The Ransack (in case of their save), they just will be used for the relation between the both parts, and so having a lifetime, such happens like as website cookies. Then, after this time period, they will be destroyed, exceptionally in the particular situation relating to newsletter, where users provide just their e-mail contact for follow the band news.

Also, The Ransack will not do any illegal or improper use of their user’s data, like their illegal sell for external databases with direct marketing proposals.

5. Example of cookies that can be found on the web.